Posted by: Ellen Hankes | June 29, 2009

What is a Quick and Easy Potluck Solution?

Homemade_Bread_06_26_09We Midwesterners love our potlucks! A key to keeping organized is to have a repertoire of quick and easy solutions to potluck-type meals. Here’s a success secret that will draw raves at most potlucks. You will go home with an empty dish for sure!

Dust off the electric breadmaker that may be lurking way back in your cupboard or borrow one from your neighbor. HINT: There are more unused breadmaker machines out there than ever get used. Over 200 unloved breadmakers are listed on eBay.

Layer the specified  ingredients in the pan and push the button to start. Several hours later with no additional kneading or baking you will have the wonderful aroma of fresh-baked bread that is ready to enjoy.

Using the basic recipe that comes with the breadmaker, try replacing some of the bread flour flour with whole wheat flour and whole millet. The result is a unique treat that is the hit of a potluck or a meal at home.

Whether it is homemade bread or a special bean recipe, find a potluck solution that is quick and easy for you. Keep ingredients on hand and you will be party-ready! Don’t overlook the corner deli or grocery store as your tried-and-true solution to these social occasions.

What is your favorite potluck solution?


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