Posted by: Amy at | July 10, 2009

Organize Your Family Board Games

j0289307 Question for Ask an Organizer:  I have a family with little kids.  We love to play board games.  I have my games fairly organized in a closet by age which helps my kids locate the games and put the games away.  My question is how do you keep up with all the pieces that get left behind when I don’t know what game they belong to? 

Answer:  I feel your pain.  My family loves to play board games and do puzzles.   And I sometimes find those unidentifiable game pieces throughout the house.  My solution is to have one place to put the pieces.  This place works best if it is very obvious!!  Our spot is in a plastic container in the game cupboard.  My kids know that container is the first place to check if they are missing a piece as they start a game.  Quick and simple.  Gotta love it!

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