Posted by: Ellen Hankes | July 13, 2009

Organize Like the Moss Rose!

Moss_Rose_07_09 038What does this small vivid flower know about organizing?

Here’s what many moss roses know that we fail to remember: “Fold it up at night.” Many varieties of moss rose close at night and reopen when the conditions are appropriate the following day.

What do we need to do to fold things up at night? Here are some examples. Put unfinished items in a folder. Gather the toys. Clear the counter-top so it is ready for the morning rush. Start the dishwasher. Lay out clothes for the following day. Plan the next day’s meals. Call/text/email someone you care about. Count your blessings.

The result will be a lighter step, a lighter burden, a joy shared, a more organized day to follow and all sorts of good simple things.

What do you need to fold up before tomorrow comes?



  1. Love this thought! Great visual!

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