Posted by: Amy at | July 24, 2009

An Easy Fix for Paper Clutter

Paper.  We get a lot of paper in our homes and some of it we need to keep.  You don’t see many homes without a pile of paper somewhere and usually the piles are on the kitchen counter.  An easy and quick solution to get rid of the piles of paper is to have an open file box. The file box works best if it is kept in the location where your papers accumulate.  Mine is on my kitchen counter. 

How do you set up a file box?  The first step is to sort your pile of papers into groups and recycle anything that is old and not needed anymore.  Decide which piles need to stay close to you and what can be filed in a more permanent location.  Keep close anything you will be referring to on a weekly basis or anything that calls for an action (like bills to pay).  You may have about 8 to 10 piles when you are all done. The piles might include bills due, activity information, school information, church information, volunteer information, to do, to read, to file (in a permanent location) and maybe more.   Now you are ready to label your files.  Don’t think to much about this…just label your file what you call the pile.  Then place in your file box. 

Here are a few tips about having a handy file box like this.  Do not get a file box with a lid.  A lid makes it very easy to stack your incoming paper on top instead of inside the box.  Keep the box handy.  Be open to having your “to do” file on the counter when needed but know that it does have a home.  Make sure you get one that looks good, like the ones in the picture, so you don’t mind keeping it out in the open.  I found these online at

Make a file box today for your piles of paper and next time you are looking for something it will be much easier to find.


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