Posted by: | July 28, 2009

Where does your BACKPACK go?

Back Pack Rack by JokariThe more homes that I go into these days to Organize, the more school supplies I see streaming in from the stores.  This is the time to start school shopping and yet, all these new items come into the house and where do they go? 

For those of you with limited storage or space, may I suggest some of the “over the door” products that are available to people these days.  I found all of these items and they are all for over the door;  handbag holders, flip flop holders, shoe racks, clear pockets to hold school supplies and to be seen at a glance, so you don’t buy them twice. 

So if you need the backpacks off the counters or up off of the floor in your hallway or kids room may I suggest an over the door backpack holder.  The picture above shows 3 backpacks, so if you have 3 kids put it on the door on the way out so they are ready to go in the morning.  If you have one child that has multiple classes on different days, they may need a different backpack for a different day with different classes.  You can also use them inside of a closet so they are available when they get there jackets out  helping alleviate clutter.  Whatever helps the child to stay organized helps them form a more productive life.  These products can be found at  What products do you use to keep your child organized?


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