Posted by: | August 5, 2009

So you don’t have time to get ORGANIZED?

clock with post-it;s

Organize Each Day!

 Spend just 15 minutes organizing one area in your office each day of the week excluding weekends.  Choose one area i.e. desktop, desk drawer, files, one pile of papers and Toss, Act, File or Delegate your way through the paperwork in this area.  After 15 minutes, stop and go back to your regular work.

 At the end of a week you’ll be 1 1/4 hours closer to your goal of becoming better organized!

 Not much you may say, but at the end of a month you’ll have spent approximately 5 hours organizing and at the end of this year, it will have amounted to 60 hours! 

 Now that’s progress! 

How many hours a day would help you get Organized?



  1. Great tip! I’ll try it! (Hey, would you be willing to post this on HOMEdigz? Just launched a home work space contest!)


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