Posted by: Amy at | August 14, 2009

Tips on How to Choose an Organizer for your Schedule

image 1320199664-0Should you go digital or use a paper planner?


There are advantages to both digital and paper planners.  So there is no right answer to the question above. You can choose what you are most comfortable with.

  • Digital Planner  These are great for people like me who like their phone, e-mail, address book and calendar in a little device that fits in the palm of your hand.  They are also very easy to have with you all the time.  The disadvantage is that you have to be disciplined or you may find yourself being connected and “on the job” during your time off. 
  • Paper Planner   This is a very easy and comfortable way to be organized.  There are some great planners out there.  My favorite is the Planner Pad.  It helps you organize your appointments, to-do list and projects.  You can see the product at  One of the challenges with this type of organizer is that they are bigger which makes it more difficult to keep with you all the time. 
  • Wall Calendar  This is a great way to communicate with a group or a family.  It is best if it used in addition to the other planners because you can’t take it with you to appointments or meetings.

I encourage anyone who is comfortable with a cell phone to go with the digital calendars.  It is an easy step up to a Blackberry or other PDA type phone and it can be an great way to be organized with less stuff.   But, if the paper system works for you then keep it up.  The key is to have a system that works well for you.


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