Posted by: Ellen Hankes | August 24, 2009

Why Did I Keep All This Stuff?

Shade_Design 02My dad was a great collector of hand-forged tools and unique agricultural items. Dad would often ask puzzled guests, “Can you tell me what this tool was for?” He encouraged us all to look into the past and find relevance in the present and utility for the future.

Do you have things around you to which you can no longer attach relevance? Do you have a hard time remembering why you kept that linen or pair of ill-fitting shoes all these years? If the relevance is unclear to you, it may be time to think about moving the item on to someone who can use it in a meaningful way. The doodad might be just what someone else is searching for or the shoes may complete someone else’s outfit.

You may find, with a little encouragement, old items can take on new uses in your work or home environment. Since the day I noticed the sunlight coming through the glass window brick and passing through the fabric bathroom shade, the unique design pictured above is a unique artwork that I look for each sunny day.

Take a deep breath, my friends, and think about the past, present and future. Those three mighty little words will guide you to answers about why you kept all that stuff.


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