Posted by: Amy at | August 27, 2009

Organizing a Kids Bathroom

 j0402063A kids bathroom can be a lot of fun to decorate and organize.  But if you have kids sharing a bathroom it can sometimes become a “fight zone”.  There a few organizing things you can do to reduce the fighting and make getting ready easier for everyone.

  • Color Code Everything  The towels, toothbrushes, hair brushes, combs…anything that each child has of their own, give it a color or a monogram.   An example would be your child Susie has orange towels and toothbrush and Michael has green.  This also makes it easy for parent to identify the culprit that left the towels on the floor.
  • Get a Timer  This is great for the child who likes to take a long shower.  It helps conserve water and doesn’t keep everyone waiting for an unknown amount of time.
  • Set up “Getting Ready Stations”  in the Child’s Bedroom  I love this, especially for girls.  Have a mirror, hair drier,curling iron, and all the hair accessories in the bedroom.  This gives your daughter a space to get ready without infringing on the rest of the families space. The set up can be as simple as a shelf or top of a dresser with a mirror.  Keep it simple.

Sharing a bathroom is good for children.  It teaches them a lot of things like how to share and how to be patient.  It can also teach them how to have respect for other peoples space and time.  Gotta love it!



  1. Great ideas that can work for kids and instill life-values that will serve them well in the future. Just a note on the timer idea–kids (and many of us adults) love to play Beat the Clock! An audible ticking can serve as an auditory reminder that time is passing.

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