Posted by: Amy at | September 3, 2009

Everything Needs a Home…Even Broken(To be Fixed) Items

j0177852 I recently had a question about what to do with little broken items that can be and need to be repaired.  The items sometimes land in the garage, kitchen or the laundry room.  You know the scenario where you’re in the middle of cooking dinner and one of your kids brings you a broken toy.  You have no time to fix it and it looks like it just needs a little super glue.  The toy then gets placed somewhere and forgotten about, at least that is what would happen to me.   A quick and easy solution is to have a repair station where broken things can be placed until there is a good time for them to be fixed.  The repair station can be as simple as a basket in the laundry room.  This also works for items that need to be sewn.  Just place a basket next to your sewing supplies for the items to be mended.  Every couple of weeks, or as needed, you take care of anything in the basket.

One of the keys to making this work is communicating the process to the family.  Let them know that there is now a “home” for anything that needs repair. 

Give it a try.  Create a Repair Basket/Bin in your home. It is an easy solution for the whole family. 


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