Posted by: Ellen Hankes | September 6, 2009

Where Can Children of Hoarders Get Information?

iStock_000003240062XSmall_Question_MarkAs professional organizers we often get calls from adult children of hoarders. These adult children are seeking information and, very often, just someone to talk with about their parent.

The subject of compulsive hoarding is complex. In general, hoarders exhibit three characteristics which include acquisition of items of no or little value, cluttered living spaces than cannot be used as intended, and significant distress or anxiety about the items.

Children of Hoarders is a place to start for information. The site not only provides insight into the hoarder’s world but answers many questions that their family members have as they attempt to provide help.



  1. Do you have any advise to pass on to a landlord with tenant’s who are hoarders? We are rather fond of them, sympathetic to the situation but our investment is being destroyed. We were hoping the rental income would help support us in retirement. The rental space is an office not a residence but we have evidence that they are living there as there residence is in worse condition.

  2. Katherine, you sound very empathetic toward the tenants. You should be able to find help from the public health department in your muncipality or county. Most office sites are not adequate for living space for health and safety reasons, and the public health department should be able to advise you regarding next steps.

    It is not uncommon for hoarders to have more than one living space such as multiple homes.

    I am interested to learn what next steps are taken and what the outcome is. Keep me posted!

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