Posted by: organizationstation | September 16, 2009

My craft room is a mess, what should I do?

Q.  My craft room is a mess, what should I do?

A.  Craft rooms can easily become disorganized and “stuffed to the gills”.  One reason this happens is: you can see a purpose for any and all items throughtout your home.  If you don’t throw anything away and put it all into your craft room, ” for a project” it has to go somewhere!  Be brutal about which items you will actually use and let everything else leave the space.



  1. That is so true about crafters tending to save more than they probably should, and I like the advice to keep in mind that I should be brutal about getting rid of the stuff that I realistically won’t be using.

    One idea that I had about my crafts, which include story-telling props, is that I should keep some of this stuff where I use it… at the church in their storage closet! This leaves me more room at home to put things away and I don’t have to haul as much stuff back and forth when I need it. If you use your craft supplies at church, you could store some of them there, but you’ll need to be willling to share them or have them reorganized by someone else. If you’d prefer for other people not to get into them, be sure to label them “for 2nd grade only” or “for VBS only”, or “ask before moving”, etc.

    For the crafts that you need to leave at home, you should sort them into containers of like items and label them. Sometimes it’s best to use smaller containers, rather than big storage bins, to cut down on the time it takes you to find what you’re looking for. I think it’s fun to find pretty containers, like decorative photo storage boxes or hat boxes. They have lots of different sizes at most craft stores. I like to mix these with baskets that you can leave out on your counter for easy accessibility, and it’s easy to put stuff away in them. Some of my baskets have lids to better hide the stuff inside. I tend to use plastic storage containers in my closet, because they’re not attractive enough to leave out on the shelves, but they’re less expensive.

    Maybe you don’t have enough shelves or drawers in your craft area to organize your things… you might need to go shopping for bookshelves and cabinets. I’ve always found that organizing is more fun when you can add to the beauty of your craft area at the same time, so besides adding pretty baskets, boxes and shelves, you might want to hang up a new painting. If your room is drab, you’ll be less motivated to keep it picked up.

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