Posted by: Ellen Hankes | September 27, 2009

Should I Keep Those Old Photos?



We’ve been in love with capturing images or photographs for nearly two hundred years. Photos are “keepers” which people hesitate to discard.

Many moms tell me that they have elaborate photo albums for their first-born child with thinner albums for the next child. A subsequent child may have no photo record of their babyhood due to increased demands on a family’s time. At least that’s what I told myself as the third-born child in my family!

and Now....

and Now....

As my children were growing up I kept photo albums up-to-date until life got more hectic! When our five-year-old daughter helped out our neighbor by being in the local high school Sweetheart Ball court, the photo went into the album.

Who would have predicted that over twenty years later, those two sweet five-year-olds in the album would be in a flurry of photos as bride and groom? Glad we kept all those pictures! They illustrate the wonderful journey of life!

HELPFUL HINT: Discard the blurry, out-of-focus pictures. If you can’t identify people in your stash of pictures, take them to a family reunion.



  1. I saw that wedding couple on the cover of a magazine. Do you know the name of it? Thanks!

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