Posted by: Amy at | October 16, 2009

A Back Up is a Good Thing

I am inspired today to write.  My inspiration is not a good thing and could have turned out to be a very stressful thing. I am inspired by the crashing of my computer  last night.  Oh yes, I now know what a computer does when it crashes…absolutely nothing.  It is a bit horrifying.

What helped me through the night was the fact that just recently (3 weeks ago to be exact) I decided to do an offsite back up of my computer on Carbonite.  Prior to that, I had backed up pictures on Heritage Makers, some of my work stuff on a little Seagate Drive, and my calendar on my phone… but I hadn’t backed up my whole computer.  So last night I found my computer not working and immediately had a sense of relief because I knew I could get it all back.

The good news is that my computer is fixed. I had a friend that came over and he got my computer running better than ever.  Gotta love those smart friends. 

This can happen to any of us, so please back up your computer.  There are good options out there…you just need to figure out what works best for you and back it up.



  1. I am SUCH a huge fan of Carbonite. I swear I sleep better at night knowing it backs up my files at 4pm every day.


  2. After my laptop crashed a couple of years ago {I was devastated and freaking out}, my hubby picked up external back-ups for us to use to back-up our stuff. It is not always hooked up to the laptop, but I make the time to do the back-up once a week. I’m sure I would still freak if it happened again, but at least I know that I have everything backed up.

  3. I need to start doing better backups. I have my website backed up, images and articles I’ve written on a flash drive…
    Definitely checking into a backup system!

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