Posted by: Amy at | October 23, 2009

Children’s Artwork – What Should You Save?

Moms love to save things, especially things that are made by their children.  It is what we are suppose to do…right?  If you like to collect the things your kids make,  you should consider having a goal in mind.  What are you planning on doing with all that cute 1st grade artwork?  Pass it on to your child when they are all grown up? 

Recently a friend pulled me aside and told me a funny story about her adult child’s visit a few weeks ago.  She had identified a few boxes in storage of things she had collected for him.  You know the things…school papers and artwork.  During the visit she presented the boxes to her child who, not appreciating the collection, proceeded to look at a few of the papers, make a few comments and then… put them into recycling. 

I share this story because, with 4 school age children, I am in the thrust of collecting school work for my kids.  I do this in an easy and organized manner  but my friend really gave me something to think about.  I am now asking myself…”Why am I doing this?”   The answer use to be  “for my kids” and “because I am suppose to”  but I am now considering a change in my reasons.  The reality is that I think my kids, like my friends son, are not going to want the stuff.  They will think I am crazy for keeping it and even crazier for giving it to them.  I have come up with a new goal…my new goal is now to only keep the items that I want to keep for me.  I am going to have no intentions of passing the collection on or expectations that my kids will want the collections.  It will now be a small collection just for me.  Keeping it simple. Gotta love that.



  1. Boy did I ever get rid of the papers after this blog. I was saving the papers for them…what a hoot!

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