Posted by: Ellen Hankes | October 26, 2009

ADD Laundry Secrets

LaundryThe laundry process can be overwhelming for many people. For those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) getting the laundry done can be a frustrating and dreaded task.

Here are some tips (we call them secrets–it’s much more fun that way!) to help the ADD-er get the laundry started….and finished.

  • Strip the laundry area of all things non-laundry related. You want to be able to focus on just laundry.
  • Invest in several quality clothes baskets that nest. Have one for each area that dirty clothes collect.
  • Pitch the closed hampers and bin sorters. They become deep, dark holes that collect scary things.
  • Enlist and train others to be part of the laundry team. Be specific about your expectations and time-table for the laundry process. One friend randomly hid quarters in unfolded socks as an incentive for her kids to participate.
  • Buy fewer clothes and towels. As the mounds of dirty, or even clean, laundry get higher, the task seems more daunting.

Although we all need clean clothes, there are options to doing all the laundry. Consider hiring someone to do it in your home. A qualified professional organizer can help you streamline your process and recommend strategies that will work with, instead of against, your ADD.

Do you have ADD laundry secrets? Share them with us–we would like to be in on the secret, too!



  1. There are 2 adults and 4 kids under 8 in my home. Laundry is an amazing thing here in our home! I bought 6 nesting laundry baskets and when I fold I put each person’s clothes in their own laundry basket so when they come around I can pass a basket to someone to be put away. And if I don’t manage to get all the loads folded and put away, I can at least take these sorted baskets and “stack” and hide them until I can finish the job. It saves frustration when a toddler comes towards my table of piles and wants to knock them all on the floor.

    • Leanne, you have a great system as well as a Plan B that works! Thanks for your comment.

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