Posted by: Ellen Hankes | November 8, 2009

How Can I Conquer the Catalogs?

iStock_000001755165XSmall_MagazinesHave the catalogs been arriving faster than you can leaf through them? With the holiday season comes the catalogs with their beautiful photos, intriguing item descriptions and the promises to make our holidays the happiest ever!

The reality is that we simply cannot review every irresistable item nor find a home for the growing stack of slick-covered catalogs that tend to topple. The pile of catalogs becomes a puddle of yet-to-be-read pages.

Here are some tips for Conquering the Catalogs this holiday season:

  • Assess your usual gift-buying tendencies. Do you buy from catalogs frequently, occasionally, seldom, or never? If catalogs are a tool you use frequently, you may want to save the catalogs that look promising. If you seldom or never order from catalogs, recycle them or share them with someone else.
  • Everything that is pictured in a catalog is likely available on the internet. You can tear off  and save the front or back page of a catalog to remind you of the website or company. Discard the rest of the catalog. You have just reduced your load and still have a reminder of the company in case you want to order something from the internet.
  • Share. The retailer who sent you the catalog would probably be delighted if you would share your copy of a well-liked catalog with someone else. It lightens your load and someone may appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Discard outdated catalogs. Unless you use a catalog as a reference for some reason, discard past versions of catalogs. The merchandise is often unavailable, prices may change and other terms such as free shipping may no longer be in effect.

Some advance planning will help you Conquer the Catalogs. We would like to hear how you treat the catalogs that arrive in the mail at your home or business.



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