Posted by: Amy at | November 13, 2009

Tips to Help Get The Kids Out the Door in the Morning

It is November and you’re still having trouble getting your kids out the door in the morning.  Here are a few tips that may make the morning run a little smoother. 

  • Have the kids prepare as much the evening before as possible.  Making lunches and packing the backpacks will take a few things off their morning to-do list.Get ready for school
  • Make a morning to-do list (see picture).   You can post it in the kids bathroom for quick reference in the morning.  Let me tell you, it is much easier to say “Time to take care of everything on the list”  than to say all the things they need to do each morning.  It is also easier for the kids to remember 1 thing (the list) vs. the 7 things.
  • Use a timer.  This is helpful to keep the little kids focused especially the slo-o-o-ow eaters.  Let them have a reasonable time to eat and then set the timer for 2 minutes or 1 minute (whatever works best for you) for the child to finish up.  The timer also works well when a child starts his to do list.  I set ours for 10 minutes and it sometimes turns into a race to see how quick the list gets done.
  • Give yourself time.  If you are hurried in the morning and tend to run late then you should consider getting up 10 minutes earlier.  It is a small amount of time but it can make a huge difference.
  • Have the kids be responsible for themselves and their stuff. Your morning will go much smoother if you don’t take on their responsibilities.  Consider it a teaching/learning opportunity.

Do you have some tricks that help your morning run smooth?  We would love to hear from you.



  1. Great little poster…great idea!

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