Posted by: Ellen Hankes | November 22, 2009

How Can I Get It All Done Before Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving Day just a few precious days away, here are some tips for getting everything done before the pumpkin pie is served. You will feel more organized with attention to these simple ideas.

  • Make lists. Consolidate your lists into a spiral notebook or some other system that keeps your notes and stickies together in one place.
  • Delegate. Assign tasks to others. They will enjoy helping and you will be thankful for their contributions to the success of the holiday observance.
  • Forget perfection. The quest for perfection usually brings more stress than it is worth. Relax and enjoy the preparations.
  • Consider alternatives. Traditions are wonderful, but so are new beginnings. It may be time to think about an easier way to prepare a meal that leaves more time for a walk with family or a board game with the kids.
  • Count your blessings. Tell yourself and others why you are grateful for your life and the people in it. Share your blessings once you have identified them.

Enjoy the holiday!



  1. Thank you Ellen! You made some great points. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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