Posted by: Amy at | November 27, 2009

How to Tackle the Cluttered Closet

42-15833248Do you have a closet that is filled to the max?  Most everyone says yes to this question because naturally if you have space …you tend to fill it up. Are you ready to clean out your closet?  Here is a statistic about clothes for you… most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.  Doesn’t that sound crazy?  Oh, but it is true.

The first time I heard this statistic I prided myself with being a bit of a minimalist and thought to myself,

No Way, I do much better than that.  I think I use more like 80% of my clothes 80% of the time”

Then one day as I was folding the laundry, I realized that I was fooling myself.  I came to this realization because I was folding a sweatshirt that is in the wash almost every week… which meant that I wore it all the time!  Then I looked at the rest of the clothes I was folding and realized that these are the same clothes I wash almost every week.  Then my thinking went to my closet…which was full of all the clothes I hardly wear.  Oh my goodness, my closet is just like everyone else’s closet!!

The Clothes

As an Organizer, I knew I needed to “fix” this situation.  It was time for me to clean out my closet. One of the best tips for cleaning out a closet is to place a donate basket in your closet or bedroom.  Each morning, while you getting an outfit, it is very easy to pull out  a couple of things you don’t wear and place them in the donate basket.  Then there are those clothes that you always try on thinking you want to wear but, for whatever reason, never wear it out of the room.  Don’t hang these items back up…put them in the donate basket.

Do you wear all your clothes?  I have a challenge for you.  Place all you hangers backwards and only put them the correct way after you have worn the item on the hanger.  Give it a try.  It will open your eyes to the amount of clothes you really never wear.

The Shoes

I love shoes like everyone else.  The best tip for organizing you shoes is to get them off the floor.  Put them on a rack or a shelf that is visible.  It is totally understandable to have a couple pair of shoes on the ground but try to keep the rest put away.  As you bring in new shoes, remove the old ones from your closet.

The Accessories

If you have a walk in closet then it is helpful to keep all you accessories in one area of your closet.  This makes it much easier to pull a complete outfit together. If you don’t have a walk in closet then a dresser with a mirror also works nicely.  The key is to keep everything together so you don’t have to do any searching for items.

The Donate Basket

When your donate basket is full, you can give the items to your favorite charity.  This is my favorite part because I know there are others who need the stuff and they will actually wear them more than I did. From here on out, whenever you bring home a new item to put in your closet, try to place an item in your donate box.  This is the “one in, one out” rule.  Best of luck and enjoy the new found space in your closet.



  1. I really like this donate basket idea. We usually just go through the closets once a year, but the closets fill up fast since we are constantly buying clothes for the kids and ourselves. I think we will have to give this a try. Very nice tip Amy.

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