Posted by: Ellen Hankes | November 30, 2009

Is It A Collection or Just Clutter?

The holidays are great times for adding to collections. Our organizing clients often show us collections that are frozen in time. The once cherished items lose their novelty or point of interest for the collector. Sometimes the collection is boxed up as new interests compete for precious space.

Judith Kolberg  passed along the link for this amusing and thought provoking video clip about collections by Marc Sotkin of Boomer Alley.

When your collection can’t continue to live with you because of changing interests, space or other reasons, help your collection find a new caretaker. Give it to someone who agrees to take the collection, donate it to charity or sell it on eBay. Send your love along with the items, and the collection will bring others as much joy as it brought you!

How have you passed on a collection? Do you have collections frozen in time that are turning into clutter? Let us hear from you!



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