Posted by: Ellen Hankes | December 13, 2009

Santa to Kids: Do You Have Room for More Toys?

Santa is getting organized for the big delivery. He is very likely counting on his team of Mrs. Claus, the elves and all the other helpers to manage the letters and lists along with the deliverables and directions. Whew! Santa must be a good delegator!

Kids need to be part of Santa’s team as well. Santa may be asking if the children have room for more toys. Now is a good time for kids to make sure there will be space for new toys. It is as simple as T-O-Y-S!

T is for Take Inventory. What do I have? Are there broken items that can be thrown away? Will mom want to save some things as keepsakes? Is there a way I can make more space by moving or repurposing a piece of furniture?

O is for Offer to Others. Your old favorites may find new life with others who will care for them. Make sure the toys or clothing is in good condition before donating to a charity. Rules for donating toys vary so ask first. Also check with your parents before you give anything away.

Y is for Yesterday. Kids grow and the things you were interested in last year may not be fun for you anymore. Think about your age and what you like. Keepsakes are wonderful, but most people can’t keep everything.

S is for Straighten your Space. While it takes time and effort, you and your family will love the results. You will have more room for enjoying new things as well as the items you thought perhaps you had lost.

What is happening in your household? Is it Santa-ready? Get help if you need it. Remember Santa has a team of helpers!



  1. This is a great acronym for this time of the year. Thanks for the tips.

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