Posted by: | December 17, 2009

Christmas less the LEGO mess!

legomess2I have 2 grandsons and they both love Lego’s!  Nathan is into the Starwars version. I love going to visit and sitting and playing with them. I even got Cooper more Lego’s for his Birthday.

I love to see their creative minds work to figure out where the pieces should go or what they can imagine and invent with them next. I visited them the other day and took my shoes off because of the rain when OUCH! Lego’s and bare feet do not do well together.

So, I decided to give them a gift that had been on hold until it was needed. It is a Lego organizer and you can buy them on-line at  They are a great gift and a  foot saver. ha!  Kids can make a lot of clutter with their pieces but at clean up time, you just scoop them into the box and it sorts all of the pieces from large to small pieces and can be stored away with Lego’s in it. It sorts and contains! You will love what it does for a room. Do you have any great storage ideas for Lego’s?

This is what happens when you use a box4blox!

Organized LEGO’S!   Merry LEGO less mess Christmas!




  1. would like to order but how much is cost?

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