Posted by: Ellen Hankes | January 3, 2010

What Would You Like to Stop, Start and Continue?

As we start the new year that holds so much promise and hope, we tend to think of all the changes we would like to make. You know the drill. Your list may include fitness, finances and finally getting organized.

Author and professional organizer Patty Kreamer recommends a Stop, Start and Continue list.

  • The Stop list might include over scheduling, overeating and oversleeping! An increased awareness of the behaviors you want to stop is the first step in conquering them.
  • You could find exercise, spending more time with your family and reading inspirational books on your Start list. If getting organized is on your Start list, contact a professional organizer to give you ideas and work with you.
  • The Continue list allows one to inventory and affirm the things that are working in your life. In addition to the acknowledgement of the success, you can also experience gratitude!

Writing a Stop, Start and Continue list will create a committment to your intentions. Even if you do not share your list with others, you are likely to experience success. Let me know how it goes!



  1. Thanks for your advice. I used your ideas to make my new year’s resolutions, this year. It really helped to simplify my list. I really like your Continue List idea. This helps me feel like I’m not just writing the same things over and over again, each year, and not really achieving anything. Instead it helps me to acknowledge that I have made progress in these areas and I just need to continue working at it.

    That Stop List is the hard one, so I decided to set my goal for a month instead of a whole year. I’m sure I can give up those things that I want to stop for at least a month, and then maybe after that I can evaluate my goals and see if they can be relaxed a little or if I feel like I could advance my restrictions, as is, or determine if I will increase the restrictions. For example, I’m going to stop watching all TV and playing online games for a whole month. After that, I may be able to partake in these activities in a manner that doesn’t interfere with my other goals. I’m going to stop drinking pop for a month and only have a small sweet treat every other day. At the end of the month, I may want to add more aggressive goals to my diet plan, but I’m not ready to do that, yet.

    I’m making sure that my Start List items are included on my daily routine plan checklist.

    Thanks for helping me have a more positive outlook on my goals and accomplishments.

    • Brenda, I love your realistic short term list. Hey, who says we can’t have New Month Resolutions? Why must we only focus on New Year’s Resolutions? I am glad we were able to help you have a more positive outlook on your goals and accomplishments!

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