Posted by: Amy at | January 8, 2010

Let’s Be Real

P9250047 If you talk to a personal trainer, they will tell you to set realistic goals.  Losing a pound a day is, well, unrealistic.  If you talk to a marriage counselor, they will tell you to set realistic expectations.  Having a good marriage isn’t all fun and games, it requires some work.   If you talk to a professional organizer,  they will repeat the advice of the trainer and counselor.  When you’re trying  keep your home organized, you need to be realistic.

A realistic goal for your home would be for it to be comfortable.  The problem is that sometimes we want our homes to appear perfect, you know, like a picture in a magazine.  Let me tell you a secret about those pictures, the spaces always look good but they are not real…they’re staged.  The pretty kitchen’s don’t actually have people cooking in them, not to mention all the incoming mail or kids papers getting dropped on the counters.  The nice closets in the magazines don’t actually have people using the clothes that are hanging…again it is staged. There is no one living in these spaces pictured in the magazines.

 So let’s be real, and not aspire for our homes to look like a magazine.  It is ok to have some papers on your desk or to have some toys on your floor.  It is ok to let the kids play in your kitchen drawers.  Your child’s room doesn’t always have to be clean and picked up.  The key is to find a balance that works for you.  Yes, as any good organizer will tell you,”the stuff should always have a home”, but don’t be to hard on yourself or your family if the stuff isn’t always put away.  Have a some fun and keep it real.



  1. Thanks, Amy. Now that’s some ‘Real’ encouragement!

  2. Thanks Sheri. Just trying to keep it real 🙂

  3. I needed to hear that. Similarly, watching too much HGTV can give you great ideas, but it can also make you dissatisfied about your own house. That dissatisfaction can spur you to improve your home, but lately, it’s been having the opposite effect on me. The ideal image was making me hate my house so much that I just gave up on it. Thanks for helping me see that I’m allowed to keep it real.

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