Posted by: Ellen Hankes | January 10, 2010

Five Top Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized

Whether you office or workspace serves you alone or is a shared space, here are some tips that will help keep your office organized and ready for work:

  • Keep files and supplies you use daily within arm’s reach. Things you use weekly can be accessed with just a few steps and the items used occasionally can be in a more remote area.
  • Commodities are things that get replenished from time to time such as envelopes, staples and brochures. Keep all commodities in one area for easy maintenance and timely reordering.
  • Designate one area on your desk or wall for illustrating why you do what you do. For example, it may be photos of your family or a reminder of your next vacation. This serves as a visual reminder of the benefits of your hard work.
  • Make appointments with yourself to maintain your office space. The end of the work day is ideal for straightening up and planning for the following day.
  • If you often lose track of time, add avoid digital clocks and use analog clocks with numbers and hands that visually represents the passage of time. Set a timer to audibly alert you when you need to move on to another task.

What is your favorite workspace organizing tip?


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