Posted by: Amy at | January 15, 2010

More Tips to Help Organize a Messy Desk

MPj03090400000[1]  Think about how much time you spend each day in your office or at your desk.  A lot??  The goal of getting an office organized is to make it better functioning, but an added benefit is that each day when you enter the office it can make you feel less overwhelmed with your job.  To continue with the theme this week, I wanted to share a few more organizing tips for a desk. 

  • Try to keep all the things you use daily within arms reach.  One way to do this is to consider yourself a bullseye on a target.  The first circle around you would be your daily use items, the second circle would be the weekly, then monthly, and then yearly and/or rarely in the last circle.
  • If you have little notes all over your desk of to do items, try to collect them and transfer the information to one location.  You can use something as simple as a spiral notebook.  As more to do items come in, just add them to the page, and cross off items that you have completed.  Keep the pages dated and tear out old pages. 
  • Everyone’s thinking style is different.  Use this information to make your organization system that work for you.  Some people like to have things visually in front of them, while others prefer things to be in drawers…both systems can work.
  • When you label files or anything else for that matter, use what I call the mumble system. This just means that you name your files with the first word that you think of or mumble.  Nothing formal, your files will just be a mirror of what you’ve already named them in your brain.
  • Spend ten minutes a day just organizing your desk. Everyone gets busy and accumulates things on their desk.  A ten minute clean up is an easy way to keep it under control.

Always remember that the desk where you work is your space, so make it work for you.   An organized desk can mean a more productive day.   Take ten minutes today and clean up something on your desk…it can make a difference.


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