Posted by: Amy at | January 22, 2010

Want to be Organized? Tricks to Get You Started

NAPO Logo As you may have heard, January is NAPO’s GO (Get Organized) month.  But getting organized can be overwhelming, especially if you think about spending a complete day on organizing your whole house.  There are a few tricks that can help make the job more manageable and less overwhelming.

One of my favorite tricks is…break a big job into smaller parts.  If organizing is overwhelming then do not plan on spending a whole day organizing your house.  Instead, it will be more manageable to plan on working in just one area.  The area can be a room, a closet, or even just a junk drawer.  Next trick… use a timer.  Set the timer for just 15 minutes,  and in that 15 minutes you can work on organizing.  When the timer beeps, you can stop or if you’re feeling good, you can keep going.  I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in fifteen minutes.

If you are still having a hard time getting started on your organizing, then a professional organizer can help you.  They can get you past the overwhelming stage and help make your organizing goals feel more manageable. 

Whatever you need to get done, it will only get done if you “Just do it”.  So, get started today…fifteen minutes is all it takes.



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