Posted by: Amy at | January 29, 2010

Why do We Procrastinate?

You may delay, but time will not.  ~Benjamin Franklin

If you are a procrastinator, do you know why?  Knowing why is a good starting point for moving forward.  Sometimes we procrastinate because we are overwhelmed.  If this is the case then break the job into smaller pieces.  Lets say you need to clean the house.  That statement can be pretty overwhelming to a procrastinator.  Instead, break it into smaller jobs that take less then 30 minutes each like I need to dust, vacuum, etc. Then check off the items as you complete the job.  Another reason we may procrastinate is because we are a perfectionist.  A perfectionist would rather put off a job than do a less than perfect job.  It is better to just be happy with progress than focused on perfection.  Whenever I have a project that is a bit overwhelming, I set aside a time to just get started. Just getting started without the pressure of getting the job completed makes it less overwhelming.

I was recently procrastinating a project at our house.  Since the beginning of January, we’ve wanted to paint our bathroom.  We have had all the supplies but we were having a hard time finding a large chunk of time to get the job done. Our problem was that we were focusing on getting the complete job done instead of getting the job started.  Well, the other day, I decided to just get started, so…I prepped the walls. Step one done. Then the next day for a quick half hour I taped everything, the next evening I cut the edges in, and then a few days later my husband rolled the paint onto the walls.  Project complete.  Yes, it did drag out for a few days, but the job is complete and it looks great.  If we would have waited until we had 10 straight hours to work on the painting…we would still be waiting.

So get started on your projects…just doing that is a step in the right direction.



  1. I tried getting around procrastination by making a “to do list” and attacking it everyday, but the problem with that was that it was often too long and never ending. Now I just focus on a couple of priorities per day, or as Dan Miller says – “Deposits” for success. When I know that I only have a couple of things on my “deposits for success” list everyday, I am able to complete them and see progress.

    • You are so right. Keeping just you’re priorities on the list is very helpful. Otherwise, the list itself can be overwhelming. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Gotta love Dan Miller! Author of ’48 Days to the Work You Love’ & ‘No More Mondays’. Both very beneficial reads!

  3. I haven’t read those books. I’ll have to check them out. I am always up for a good read.

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