Posted by: Ellen Hankes | January 31, 2010

Reach for the Sky with The Great Organizing Giveaway

Reach for the sky! Find resources and make connections that will help you become more productive and organized in 2010. For the first time ever, free valuable information and services are at one site–The Great Organizing Giveaway!

Participants will be able to get e-books, audio downloads, tip sheets, complementary consultations, software samples and much more. Top organizing experts are providing this first-ever free-for-the-asking resource bonanza.

Whether it is your ofice, your time or your home that you want to focus on, these experts will help you stretch and reach for the sky! Here are some of the sample offers:

  • A Home For Everything You Own
  • Timely Tax Tips
  • Getting Things Done – How to Set up Chores
  • Make Your Office Work Better eBook & Consultation
  • Three Ways to Start Simplifying Your Life Today!
  • Remedease for Organization and Productivity
  • Nine Strategies for Simplifying Your Business
  • Free Organizing Tips
  • Saving You Time is Not a Crime!
  • 10-Step De-Clutter in a Day Action Plan
  • It’s Time…Stop Procrastinating NOW!
  • 112 Tips to Organize Your Workday
  • Mess is Stress!
  • How to Set Up a ‘Command Center’ to run an efficient home and a free phone consultation
  • Coupon for 2 Hours of Organizing Services.
  • Finally Filing Made Easier
  • Get Organized : Get Revitalized Ebook
  • 5 Proven Ways to Organize and Simplify Your Life
  • The Great Organizing Giveaway! can help you reach your potential in 2010.


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