Posted by: | February 9, 2010

Recycle today!


Go the EXTRA mile, RECYCLE your pile! Make it a habit. Recycle!

Most people think that recycling is for large companies or other people who have a lot of one thing.   The fact is there are things in our lives that we can recycle, every day  and it does not pinch your time.

Let’s start in the morning with breakfast.  Recycle the cardboard box your cereal came in and you can recycle your orange juice container and milk jug.

Next it’s time for a shower and you open a new bar of soap…recycle that cardboard box.  Step in the shower and wash your hair…run out of shampoo and recycle the shampoo bottle.

At work you can recycle papers throughout the day or add them to the shred box at the office.  You catch a cold and call in sick…recycle the Kleenex box.   So these are just a few ideas how you can start your recycling in your life.

Change your mindset from throw it away to:  What can I recycle today!  Change that clutter into something useful for our children, grandchildren and those to come to have a cleaner healthier world.

While you are going through your busy day…how many things do you recycle?

Organizing Plus can help you set up a recycling station in your home or office.

What will you recycle today?


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