Posted by: Amy at | February 19, 2010

“Lost and Found Basket” Can Help You…and Your Kids.

j0430466 “Everything should have a home.”  You hear that from professional organizers all the time but lets face it, things don’t always get placed in their “home”.

At my house there always seem to be a few items that just don’t make it to where they belong.  The items typically belong to my kids but occasionally the items belong to me.  When I come across these items, and I am the only person home, I put away the items that belong to me.  But what about the items that don’t belong to me?  Well, I will let you know that I prefer not to responsible for my children’s things.  A couple of reasons why is because in the past I have misplaced items or, even worse, I have identified items as trash and they turned out to be something valuable to my children.  But, the primary reason is that I want to teach my kids to be responsible for their own stuff.

I found an easy solution to this problem of things not being where they belong, it is called a “lost and found” basket.  My lost and found basket is placed in our family room in an discreet location.  Whenever I come across something that doesn’t belong in the main area of the house,  I just place it in the basket.  This keeps our space tidy and keeps my kids happy because their toys don’t end up being misplaced or in the trash.  They just need to check the basket whenever they are looking for something.

Just for your information…the basket works great but occasionally it does need to be cleaned out.  I hope this helps remedy an ongoing solution.  It did at my house.  What tips do you have to contain the clutter that needs to get back to it’s home??  Let me know.  I always enjoy hearing your ideas.



  1. Cute picture of those little toes.
    I love using baskets and this is another great way to use them.
    I also use a BE basket–Belongs Elseware when organizing a room put unwanted items in the basket and return to the right place when finished with the project in a specific room.

    • Belongs Elsewhere – I love that. Marilyn, you are right. When organizing, it seems we always have things around that belong elsewhere.

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