Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | February 25, 2010

What’s in YOUR I.C.E. Box?

What IS an I.C.E. Box, you ask?  In this instance, it’s not a keeper of food, but a keeper of info.  Important financial info.  It’s an “I Care Enough” Box.  A while back, Financial Peace founder, Dave Ramsey was discussing the need for households to have a specific place to hold important financial information.  Simply put, an I.C.E. Box is any type of box, pocket portfolio or expanding file that contains your family’s  financial information in 1 concise spot.  

Typically, one person in a household is more inclined to be in charge of taking care of financial matters.  That person often goes to websites to oversee financial transactions, keep track of account balances and pay bills.  It’s their contribution to the household, but what if that person was suddenly unable to perform those tasks, due to illness or even death?  Having all of that information readily at hand lends a degree of peace to an otherwise very stressful time. 

Items to include would be a listing of websites, including Logins or Usernames, Passwords and answers to Security questions for each site.  List all account numbers and the Bank name where they are located.  If you use an expanding file, you can label each section ‘Checking Account’, ‘Savings Account’, ‘Mutual Funds’, ‘Credit Cards’, etc.   Also include a copy of any insurance policies and your Will.   If you have a home safe, you should try to put all your information in a file that will fit inside.  If you have aging parents, consider helping them gather this information as well.

There are products that you can purchase to assist you in this effort, such as Care Binders, but it’s not necessary.  This is a project you can do with little or no expenditure at all.  It merely takes an investment of time on the part of the person responsible for these tasks.  And what better gift could you give to your loved ones?    I call it ‘Life-Tending’.



  1. This is great info Sheri. Everyone should have an ICE box.
    Did you also know that in your phone contacts you should also have an ICE (in case of emergency) contact? Emergency personnel are trained to look for this contact if needed.

    • Excellent addendum, Amy! The PHONE ICE Box, In Case of Emergency! LOVE it!! You are such an encouragement! ;~)

  2. Great article and wonderful coments…I’ll recheck mine to see if the phone number is included! 🙂

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