Posted by: Amy at | February 26, 2010

Reduce Wasted Time on the Computer

Alert – you have been “playing” on the computer for 45 minutes.  Wow, how the time does fly.  I recently signed up for a free computer monitoring service called Rescue Time.  This service ask me a few questions then sets up to monitor how I spend time on the computer.  If you use your computer for work then this service is awesome.  At the end of the week they send you a summary of how you spent your computer time.  You can also log on and see lots of charts and graphs of what you have been doing on the computer.  To sign up just go to  The free version does enough for me but they do have more extensive services for a minimal fee.  The service is always a nudge that makes me think “Is there something else I should be doing?”

I must say I am pretty good during the day but there are many evenings that I get the rescue time alerts.  They always tell me the same thing, “ You have spent 45 minutes of time on social networking”.  What can I say…I love my friends and family.  Have you ever tried a service like this?  Let us know.  It can sure help keep you on task.



  1. BUSTED!!! Thanks, Amy. Great info AND great self-check reminder!

  2. Have you had a look at I think it’s better than Rescue Time because it gives you more control and knowledge over what you have done, and what your team has done, for example knowing exactly how many hours everyone has worked.

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