Posted by: Amy at | March 5, 2010

Getting Organized for all the Spring Activities

P6200050 I have 4 kids and when spring rolls around we get pretty busy.  There are lots of sports, school programs, graduations and…you get the idea.  So now is my time to gear up and get ready!  Here a few ideas that help me and can also help you get prepared so the busy time doesn’t stress you out.

  • Put it on your Calendar or should I say, put everything on your calendar.  Keep only one calendar for the family, it is best if you can take it with you, and make sure that it gives you room for everything.  The reason for this is because when you are busy it is hard to keep things from slipping through the cracks.  Some things, aside from the normal stuff, that are helpful to include are carpool information and anything that has a due date (library books, RSVP’s, etc.)
  • This is a great time to enlist some help from your friends.  Some examples might be to set up carpools for practices or trade off hosting play dates to enable each other to have time for errands/house cleaning.  There were many times I would set up play dates at my house just so I could clean.  The friends kept my kids busy so I had time to do some chores.
  • Cook ahead…this will save you time and money.  I generally love to cook, but when I am busy it becomes a chore.  One easy thing you can do is set a schedule.  Monday is Spaghetti night, Tuesday Taco night, etc.  Also, whenever you do cook something that is freezable, then make extra to freeze.  If you get into a bind and don’t have time to cook, here is a helpful website…  That is what my kids love!

Enjoy your spring in an organized and stress free way.  It will be busy but it can also be fun.  What are some things you do to prepare for all the spring activities?


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