Posted by: Amy at | March 12, 2010

Making your Calendar Work for You

The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ~Stephen Covey

This quote always gets me thinking.  Are my priorities scheduled?  Then my thoughts continue…what is on my schedule?  I looked at my calendar and this is what I discovered:

  • All my appointments are on my calendar.  Time and place are included but I also have all the extra information in the notes section.  This is one of my favorite features of my blackberry (iphone has this also).  In the notes, I can put anything.  A lot of times, I will drag emails into that section if the email contains information I will need for the appointment.
  • Reminders.  Oh yes, I use my calendar for reminders.  For example, on my calendar today was a reminder that our library books are due.  This keeps me from missing due dates…gotta love that!
  • Birthdays and other yearly events are on my calendar.  I love the electronic calendars where you can put these items in as recurring every year.  It eliminates the transferring of information year to year!
  • Kids activities are on my schedule.  Again, the notes feature is very helpful.  In the notes, I put information about car pool or other details I need to remember.
  • Oh yes, I can’t forget the fun stuff…our social life.  All this makes it to my calendar, plus the notes are a great place for reminders.  For example, if I need to bring an appetizer, I put that in the notes.  Other things that can go in notes is the directions, attire, or anything else I need to remember about the event.

So after looking at my calendar, I have noticed a few things.  One of the things I noticed is that I love the notes feature.  I also noticed that I have almost everything on it and it is working very well for me.  But what about my priorities??  Yes, a few of them are on there, but there a few that I am missing.  That is definitely something I need to work on…

Do you have your priorities on your schedule?  How do you make your calendar work for you?


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