Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | March 18, 2010

Greeting Card Caddy

I have a dear aunt that likes to purchase greeting cards ahead of time.  She lives in a small rural town that no longer has a store or shop of any kind.  She buys cards when she shops, so that they’re ‘handy’ when she needs one.  Trouble was, they were not at all ‘handy’.  They were kept in small pharmacy sacks or bags and were located randomly in her home.  Often, she couldn’t find the right type of card when she needed it, and would make a special trip to town to get another card.

To help her manage and organize her many cards, I gathered them all together and sorted them into categories: Birthday, Juvenile Birthday, Wedding/Anniversary, Thank You/Thinking of You, Get Well, Sympathy, Graduation, Other Occasion and Miscellaneous/Blank.  Next, I located a box with a lid that was larger than her biggest card.  She happened to have the perfect box.  Then, I took 1/3 tab colored dividers, which I supplied, and labeled the files according to the categories of cards, alternating the tabs and colors.  I then trimmed the sides of the dividers to fit inside of the box, distributed her cards in the box according to category, and…..VOILA!!

She LOVES her new ‘card shop’, and when she needs a card, she lifts out the appropriate file and looks for just the right card.  When she buys new cards, no more sack storage.  Into the Card Caddy they go!  The caddy also helps her keep an inventory of her cards, so she isn’t buying cards unnecessarily.

Perhaps this idea will help you, or, will help you help a loved one, tame the tiger of abundant greeting cards.



  1. Are you sure it was your Aunt and not my Mom?

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