Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | March 25, 2010

No Office? No Problem!!

Not everyone has the luxury of having a home office.  If that’s you, keeping your personal financials organized is more of a challenge.  Here is a system that may aid you in that process.

I recommend utilizing an expanding file like the ones pictured here.  They can be found at any of the ‘Marts’ or office supply stores.  These are the ‘Ampad’ brand.


They come with 13 pockets on up to 21 or 26, depending upon how many categories you wish to have.  They come with labels inside to mark your dividers.  For instance, the 13 divider file can hold a file for each month, using the 13th for bank statements and check registers.  Files with more sections can also hold insurance papers, paystubs, etc. 

Each month, as your bills arrive in the mail, open them right away, and discard or recycle those envelopes along with any ‘filler’ sheets that come along with the bill.  Take the bill, and the return envelope, if available, and place it in the very front of the file.  That way, bills awaiting payment are all together when you sit down to pay your bills, whether it’s twice per month, or whatever.   After the bill has been paid, write the check number or electronic notation and date on the stub of the bill, and place the stub behind the appropriate month’s divider. 

This system not only works great for anyone that has no home office, but also for college students to keep track of their bills, etc. all in one space.  When the year is over, it’s very easy to ready yourself for tax season.  The info for the whole year is right in that one file.  Storage is a breeze as well, and when December rolls around, just go pick another one for the new year.


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