Posted by: Amy at | March 26, 2010

Get “Hooked” on Organizing

One of my favorite organizing tools is hooks.  Big and small…I like them all.  One of the reasons I like hooks so much is because they are easy for everyone to use.  I have four kids in my home and I have found that hooks work great for them.  Putting coats on hangers is way to hard and putting towels on towel bars just doesn’t happen…so hooks it is.  Now just a quick side note, don’t mistake my recommending hooks for also recommending  pegs.  I prefer hooks because things tend to fall off of pegs.IMG_0686

Some items you can use hooks for:

  • necklacesIMG_0684
  • coats
  • backpacks
  • umbrellas
  • keys
  • towels
  • robes
  • purses
  • sports bags
  • and many more

I could go on and on. One of my favorite type of hooks is the Command Hooks by 3M.  They have a large variety of sizes, colors and shapes.  They also have some with stronger strengths for heavier items.  You can also remove them when they are no longer needed. I  recently needed to replace a towel bar during our bathroom update and purchased some large “brushed nickel”  Command Hooks (see picture).  I was not real sure it could hold the towel… the hook is rated for 5 lbs but the towel is a large bath sheet and I know the towel gets pretty heavy when it is wet. I am happy to report that it is holding strong.  As you can see in the other picture, I also use the tiny clear hooks to hold my necklaces.  My girls have the same hooks holding their necklaces in their rooms.  The hooks keep the necklaces organized and tangle free.

Do you use a lot of hooks in your home?  They can be a great organizing tool.

BTW-I was at Menards on 120th and Dodge here in Omaha the other day and they have a huge display of the command hooks near the checkout.  Needless to say I was very excited because I had never seen such a variety!  Check it out!



  1. I agree! Menards has the best variety I have seen so far. Love the hooks for Christmas decorations and when I’m done with them…you can’t tell they were ever up. They come off easy and without a trace.

  2. Yes, I use them at Christmas also. They are awesome!

  3. I keep my necklaces like that too, Amy. Guess I’m Hooked! ;~)

  4. We used those 3M Command hooks to hang up our Christmas stockings! We hung the stockings on the glass doors of our entertainment center. I also use them to hang lights outside for our trick-or-treaters at Halloween. I have my fly-swatter hanging on a 3M hook in a closet. I also used them to hang up a US flag at a Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. To hang the flag, I used 3 hooks along with 3 small metal clamps, the kind you use to clamp large piles of paper together. After attaching the clamp to the flag, I removed one of the handles from the clamp and used the other clamp handle to hook onto the hooks. I also have a little inspirational plaque hanging behind my computer on my desk, that I used a 3M hook for. The only thing I would do to improve these hooks would be to have the adhesive tab be clear instead of white.

  5. Looking for extra storage space? Just look up. The ceiling is the most overlooked storage area in the garage. There are store bought kits that can turn wasted space into useful garage storage, or a few sheets of plywood laid across the ceiling beams will work just as well.

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