Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | April 10, 2010

Time to Spring Clean…..Your Purse!

Have you checked the bottom of your purse lately?  What’s hanging out down in there?  Cough Drops from January, perhaps?  Maybe a couple of those little Valentine Candy Hearts?  Coupons that expired in March?  Spilled cosmetics? Well, it’s time to shake things out!  Empty the contents of your purse out on a hand towel.  (or do you need a BATH Towel?) This will help keep small items like earrings from dropping and rolling out of site.  It also keeps any dust contained to that small area, rather than spilling onto the table, floor or carpet.  When you’re finished, simply toss the towel into the wash.

Deal with whatever you find.  If it’s receipts, file them.  If its crackers, toss them.  You know the drill.  Go through your wallet too.  Look for expired cards and cull them out.  Empty out the bulk of your loose change, and handle that however you normally do.  In general, look for ways to lighten your load.  

Wipe your purse out with a damp cloth before returning your items, or storing it for another season.  If you’re changing purses, only add back in the necessary items.

Here’s another purse idea:  Add a purse organizer to your accessories.  If you’ve never heard of a purse organizer before, google for it and your page will be filled with a plethora of purse organizers anxious to become your next online purchase!  Some come as ‘sets’ in different sizes to accommodate your smaller purses all the way up to totes, and some come as ‘wraps’ that acclimate themselves to whatever size of purse you have.  At any rate, they are a fun and HELPFUL accessory, and make purse-swapping a much easier task.  

At any rate – clean and organized purse in hand, you’ll be all pleased with yourself the next time you head out the door.



  1. Great tips. Purses should be organized regularly to keep you organized on the go.

  2. Loved your tips and loved the towel idea!

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