Posted by: Ellen Hankes | April 11, 2010

Easy Tips for Table Linen Storage

A little organization with the table linens will help you find what you need at just the right time. Here are four easy tips for storing table linens:

  1. Sort the linens including place mats, tablecloths and cloth napkins. Discard any that are unusable due to stains, wear, or inappropriate size or color. If a linen requires special laundering care, determine if that is something you will actually do. If not, move the item on.
  2. Group tablecloths by size and napkins and placemats by sets.
  3. Decide on flat or hanging storage depending on where you have available space. You may be able to reallocate closet space to hang tablecloths. Cloth napkins and placemats can be attached to clip-type skirt hangers for hanging in a closet.
  4. Enjoy your table linen collection. Use the linens as a foundation for a beautifully set table that you and others will enjoy and remember!

If table linens are not part of your lifestyle, consider moving them out of your home to make room for the things you do use and enjoy.


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