Posted by: Amy at | April 16, 2010

For the Love of Clothes

The season is changing and with it, our wardrobe changes. 

j0423057 It is time to put the turtlenecks away and bring out the short sleeves.  It is also a great time to sort through all the winter clothes and remove the clothes we didn’t wear.  Yes, we all have things in our closets that we don’t need or use. 

There are a few things you can do when you get your summer clothes out that will help you organize your closet.  First off, be realistic when you are looking at the clothes…will you really wear it?  Next, do a count.  This is another reality check.  How many shirts do you really need?  I would say 30 shirts you really love is a very well stocked closet.  Yes, I said 30.  How many shirts do you have?  If you can’t stand to part with anything, maybe a sign will help you.  As you hang all your clothes, put the hanger backwards.  As you wear an item, you can flip the hanger the correct way.  After 30 days check and see if all your hangers are the correct direction.  This will give you an idea of what you are really wearing.

I always get questions on the best way to organize the clothes you wear.  My response is always “ How do you pick out your outfit each morning?”  The reason I ask this is because everyone is different.  Some people pick out clothes by color, others by style, and others by outfit.  How you choose your clothes is a guide to how you should organize your closet. 

Have fun organizing your closet.  I am feeling a bit inspired so I might go do some work in mine today.  How do you organize your clothes?  Send us your tips.


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