Posted by: lifecontained | April 17, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Consider some of these GREEN organizing tips and help play your part in keeping this Earth clutter free!

1.  Plastic Grocery Bags- Reuse as trash bags for smaller size cans (store them in an empty tissue box!)

2.  Donate instead of tossing.  The saying “ones trash is another treasure” seems appropriate!  

3.  Used coffee cans are a perfect storage solution for nails, screws, plant holder or for little things. 

4.  Toilet paper rolls are great for keeping cords together.

5.  Old newspapers, magazine and kids artwork can be used as wrapping paper for gifts!

6.  Avoid throwing anything paper into the trash, place a “recyclable only” can next to your trash and sort.  You’d be surprised how slow your trash can ACTUALLY fills up. 

7.  Old building materials and tools can be donated to Habitat for Humanity. 

8.  While purchasing items remember to look for durable, non-disposable items. 

9.  Doing online bill pay and receiving information via email drastically reduces the amount of paper clutter in your household.

10. Using produce plastic bags as an at-home spa.  Simply apply some lotion to your feet or hands, slide a bag on, put socks on and let it heat for about 5 minutes.  Your hands and feet will be baby soft, plus you just put money in your pocket.

11.  Remember….Re-use, Remove, Recycle!

For additional tips on what can be recycled visit this link

How do you recycle or reuse products in your household??  I would love to hear about them!


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