Posted by: lifecontained | April 24, 2010

Put back together again…

My spouse is the one who took care of everything, how do I even begin to organize my life after a divorce?  I feel stuck and I don’t know which way to proceed.  What do I do with all the keepsakes, wedding album, family photos? 

Many circumstances, such as divorce, can cause disorganization to individuals who once used to be organized.  Maybe your spouse used to take care of everything  and you’re overwhelmed and just not sure where to start.  Please know anyone can learn the necessary steps of organization and there is hope for you in taking control of your life! Like some of my clients who have asked these very questions I tell them the following: 

Pick one priority area in your house and start there.  It won’t happen all at once but piece by piece you will start putting it back together.  For your keepsakes and wedding albums, store them in a plastic container labeled “keepsakes”.  You may not personally want them but if you have children it may be a memento they would like to have when their older.  As far as family photos, you could put one or two of them in the children’s bedroom and the rest box up in the “keepsake” box. 

Have you or someone you know recently went through a divorce and are ready to get your life back on track?  If so, I’d like to hear from you.


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