Posted by: Amy at | May 7, 2010

The “Let’s Have Some Fun this Summer” List

 P7050043 I am so glad the summer months are upon us.  Do you have any plans for the summer?  Do you have some weekend trips or family vacations planned?  Do you have the kids in camps?  I always plan the big stuff for our family but in the past I have forgotten about some fun special excursion we wanted to do and by the time we thought of it… it was time for back to school.  Has that ever happened to you?  

In order to keep this from happening to us again, we started a “ Let’s have some fun this summer” list.  To make our list, every spring, we have a family brainstorming session at dinner.  If you’ve ever done brainstorming with the kids, you know this can be a lot of fun.  They think of some crazy things, which…you must put on the list. 🙂   After the brainstorming, we narrow the list to the possible.  Now, for this part, keep an open mind and think out of the box.  Our list usually ranges from easy play dates and visits to the library, to the trip of their dreams.  My kids wanted to go to Hawaii one year and I would have loved to take them but it just wasn’t feasible.  Well, we did end up putting Hawaii on the list but instead of traveling to Hawaii, we invited friends over for a cookout/ luau.  It wasn’t a trip to Hawaii but it was fun and memorable.

After you have a good list, post it in a prominent place. Check items off as you go through the summer and at the end of the summer, review all the fun things the family did.  You and your family will be impressed with all the “fun” you’ve had before the school work begins. Make a list and let me know what kinds of crazy things your kids put on it.  I’d like to hear from you.


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