Posted by: lifecontained | May 8, 2010

Just 10 More Minutes


If you’re like me in the morning, you are praying for just 10 more minutes of sleep.  Do you feel disorganized and rushed getting out the door the moment your feet hit the floor?  If so, take time to evaluate your routine and see if by incorporating some of these tips you notice a difference.  

  1. Packing Lunches- pack the night before.  If you have multiple lunches to prepare, try purchasing difference colored lunch bags so that is makes grabbing the correct lunch much quicker.  Don’t have colored bags?  Opt for writing the initials with permanent marker or adding a touch of color to the tops of a brown paper bag. 
  2. What to Wear?  This is something the whole family can participate in.  Lay out your clothes the night before, along with any gym or sports equipment you may need.  Be sure the necessary items are in the appropriate bags leaving no need for last-minute packing.
  3. Packing the Car- Putting as much as you can into the car the night before will help you tremendously the next morning.  For example; backpacks, gym bags, brief cases, purses, etc.  A rule of thumb, if you don’t need it between the time you go to bed and when you get in your car, pack it the night before.  If by chance you will need access to one of these pieces, set those items in a group near the door easily accessible for the walk out. 
  4. More Time – If you know you like to sleep 15 more minutes after the alarm goes off, consider setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. You could even go as far as setting the actual clock back 5-10 minutes so you are always on time. 

I’m sure as you have noticed none of the above mentioned actually happen the morning of.  It’s all about preparation.  The more you plan ahead the more organized you will be.  What other ways do you prepare for the morning??  


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