Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | May 14, 2010

What ‘Make’ are You?

Last week I was expecting a visitor at my home.  While I was outside with my son-in-law, he spotted a car of a particular make coming down the highway, and said out loud what make of car that was.  Turns out, the car turned in. (my driveway) As the visitor approached, I asked, “How did you know what make of car that was clear down the highway?”  His simple reply: “I just like cars.”  I thought about that off and on this week.  I wondered about how many different makes of cars there are out there.  I thought about, no matter how many makes there are, and how flashy or plain they may be, their basic function is the same:  Getting from Point A to Point B. It is possible that a very basic model is just as, or even more reliable when it comes to that end goal.

Then, I reflected on our lives, peering through that same prism.  How many ‘makes’ of us there are.  Most of us are not all that flashy. (Not that there’s anything WRONG with that) But, what’s under our hood?  Whichever make we are, do we get things DONE?  We may not be as Zippy as some, but perhaps we’re Steady. At day’s end, did we accomplish what we set out to do with our day, or did we just spin our wheels? 

No matter how we appear to others, do we keep putting one foot in front of the other on our journey?  Because, THAT’S where the Rubber meets the Road!


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