Posted by: Ellen Hankes | May 24, 2010

Where’s a Pencil?

Pencils here, pens there but never anything to write with! Even in this electronic age, we need pencils or pens from time to time. From jotting down a phone number, making the grocery list or noting quick directions we often need something to write with.

Keeping writing utensils in a predictable, preplanned space will save you frustration and time. Here are ten places you might want to keep a stash of pencils and pens:

  1. Car
  2. Bedside table
  3. Garage workbench
  4. Living room
  5. Kitchen
  6. Desk
  7. Purse
  8. Bill-paying area
  9. Each floor of your home
  10. Gift wrapping area

You probably don’t need hundreds of pens and pencils unless you are a collector. Ink dries up,  clutter accumulates and our preferences for writing utensils change over time. Consider donating your extras to a local school classroom or another charity that can use your surplus of pens and pencils.

Where do you keep your pens and pencils? I would like to hear from you.


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