Posted by: | May 26, 2010

Organized Kids have summer FUN!

School is out for the summer!  Before it get’s hectic around your home organize and plan what you want to do this summer.

Summer is just getting into full swing in July and you needn’t be frazzled that your kids are home and underfoot all day.  There are plenty of ways to keep both you and your children happy. 

Sit down together and have a family meeting, make a list of things you would like to do and talk about how you would like your summer to look.  Travel, stay at home, sports, camp, the more communication you have and the earlier you start the better the summer will stress free and happy.      

Do you want your children to grow up to be self sufficient and ready to leave the nest when they are grown?  Teach them to clean up their rooms and help with dishes.  Teach them to do laundry!  Even a preschooler can learn to do laundry.  Sort and group the  dark clothes,   light ones, the white ones and the towels.

Turn laundry into a science project and teach them how mold can grow on towels and wet clothes if they sit and aren’t washed.  They will want to learn more science and will pick up towels and swim suits off the floor much faster when they know what can grow under them.

With young children, even with the older ones, keep in mind that “less is more”.    A swim in the hotel pool may be a much better choice than another eight hours at the theme park.  Communicate and decide what will be fun for all of you.

Do you want a summer packed with stress and hurry or do you want it to be laid back?  There are so many activities during the summer and only you can decide what’s best for your family.  Summer camp, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, golf, cross country car trip.  Communicate and decide on a schedule that is not quite as grueling as the school year so that children learn to relax and take time to read or just lie on a blanket outside and watch the clouds go sailing by.  How will you organize your summer fun?


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