Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | May 28, 2010

Repurpose on Purpose

Repurpose” is defined as ‘To use or convert for use in another format or product’. 

Have you ever come up with a grand idea of how to re-use something that you have in a TOTALLY different use than what it was designed for?  It can be a Blast!!  When you have a need, and you’re able to fill that need by using something you have already have, it gives you such a feeling of accomplishment, and you’re almost giddy about it!  Well, maybe I hyperbolize somewhat, but I get EXCITED about it!

Some repurposing ideas can be simple to pull off, while some may require it bit of revamping.  Here are a few examples.  My son’s girlfriend has a friend that is quite at home with a sewing machine.  She took a bunch of old neckties and made a wonderful large shoulder bag and gave it to her as a gift.  Oh, how she treasures that purse!  I have also seen where folks take outgrown Cargo pants and create a great tote.  My daughter’s husband served in The Guard.  He has many ‘Camo’ type tops with many pockets.  They are expecting their 1st baby, and she had the idea to have a Diaper Bag made from his old Military tops!  Meaningful & utilitarian at the same time!

My biggest repurpose project came when we were expecting our 1st baby.  I had quite an attraction for old antique Kitchen Hoosiers.  I found one at an antique shop near our home.  My husband said I could get it if I had a place for it and a purpose for it in our small farm home.  Well, we didn’t have any baby furniture yet, and I got the idea to turn it into a changing table.  I brought it home and bought some quilt batting, heavy plastic and fabric.  I took the pull-out kneading table and covered it with batting and the fabric and then covered it all with the plastic.  It was perfect for changing baby.  I used the flour bin for the cloth diapers (I know.  I’m old) It had a tall 3 tiered wire rack inside the top section that was perfect for lotions, wipes, etc.  It had a deep drawer in the bottom that was a great shoe bin and the bottom cupboard was perfect to house baby’s clothes.  I got so many great comments on my all-in-one baby center.

Some simple ideas are to take the bottom of an egg carton and use it to store jewelry.  Using empty CD cases as picture frames.  Cutting empty cereal boxes into magazine bins.  Cover the box with contact paper if you like, or just leave plain.  I have received small jelly’s as gifts at Christmastime.  When the jelly is gone, those jars make the best little juice glasses.

What are YOUR repurposing great ideas?  Please feel free to share!!



  1. Excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Loved your idea about the Hooser cabinet! Our antique baby changing station was a pine dry sink fitted with a made to fit pad. My husband copied the dry sink in walnut for the grandbabies.

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